integrative life

Murano glass rises again via new-age artists

by Miruna Mirică-Damian
There was a time when Murano was the definite source of imperial glass pieces that adorned almost every royal palace in Europe. The enormous yet delicate Venetian mirrors had reflected many generations of aristocrats until they became...

Italian heritage shows off in fashion and your kitchen

by Miruna Mirică-Damian
Whoever said that in heaven the chef must be Italian didn't overestimate it a bit. However, we don't have to wait until getting there, because the Italian home appliance company SMEG is teaming up once again with Dolce & Gabbana, in...

The essence of simple things

by Monica Crânganu
IKEA, H&M, Lego, Volvo, Saab, Bang & Olufsen, Nokia, Electrolux, Ericsson, Pandora, Ecco... These are only a few of the most famous brands sold worldwide and they all have one common element: their Scandinavian origin. Consciously or...

Pierre Paulin - Playing with shapes

by Corina Miroiu
Macheta vizionarului Pierre Paulin adusă în luminile scenei la peste 40 de ani de la realizarea sa. Născut la Paris în 1927, cu tatăl de origine franceză și mama de origine elvețiană – vorbitoare de de germană, Pierre Paulin, cel ce...

Plastic is fantastic - The story of an intelligent design brand

by Liana Vasilescu
Kartell products talk about the mood and atmosphere of the period in which they were born, but at the same time they are "contemporary objects", that bring with themselves many other values and messages and it is for this reason that...

White on white

by Liana Vasilescu
Hospital. Or "Heaven" - in the sense of aseptic, tasteless, dull. These are the most common clichés about a white interior. We're talking about one of the most common prejudices in design: interiors "all white" which are usually never...