integrative life

Marius Manole: „My goal is to help people live more beautifully“

by Bogdan Munteanu
Aged 37, Marius Manole has been playing on the scene of the National Theater in Bucharest for 14 years. He performs here in nine plays – only for the current season (2015-2016) –, besides many other projects he is involved in. He...

Mădălina Ghenea`s Youth

by Marian Pălie, feb 2017
When beauty, and especially charisma, meets talent, a legend is born. When opportunity meets perseverance, a career is built up. When the yesterday`s "No" makes the today`s "Yes" even more relevant, a destiny is created. At only 29,...

Mihai Pop - Galeria Plan B

by Ioana Ciocan, sept 2016
Graduate of the University of Art and Design in Cluj, Mihai Pop (1974) is an artist and the coordinator of Galeria Plan B, a production and exhibition space for contemporary art located in Cluj, Romania. Initiated by Pop and artist...

Alexandru Blidaru: „The person who is coming to see you puts his life, his health or the shape of his body in your hands”

by Bogdan Munteanu, March 2016
Considered "the best breast cancer surgeon" of nowadays Romania, he wears, involuntarily, an "aura" of success. He is the son of surgeon. Professor for many surgeons and founder and member of professional associations. He is the father...

Cătălin Crețu, VISA Romania: “Only when we start to value leaders, we will have proper leaders”

by Bogdan Munteanu, dec 2015
Engineer and political science researcher by formation, Cătălin Crețu is known today as a reputed banking and electronic payments specialist who has been leading VISA Romania since 2004. Never scared of change, nor of answering...

Sir Simon Rattle:“There is a sort of orchestral memory; an ideal of the sound, an ideal of the spirit which keep on living.”

by Andrei Băluțiu, sept 2015
After years in which he transformed the Birmingham Orchestra into one of the most popular British phalanges, Sir Simon Rattle took over the Berlin Philharmonic, managing to continue the tradition of this orchestra, which still keeps the...